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Joe Alvarado


Joe is an army veteran of 13 years and a seasoned master tech with over 30 years' experience. Doc started the business in 2005 with just two bays. His time in dealerships gave him an edge needed to make a big move. Doc's was born with just him, his wife, and his sons as employees. His vision was to create a shop that services vehicles with passion, quality, and transparency. Doc believed in taking the time to educate and show customers what was going on with their vehicle. Over the years he grew the business and assembled a team of technicians and advisors to help with day-to-day operations. Joe enjoys spending time with his wife Mary, dog Louie, and his grandchildren. Joe also enjoys camping in his RV when he isn't working... which is still just about every day.


Anthony Alvarado


Anthony has been with Doc’s over the years and has played every role within the business. Mentored by his father Joe in both service writing and operations, Anthony brings over 17 years of customer service experience to the team. Prior to coming back to the family business, Anthony dedicated 8 years of service in Fire/EMS as a Firefighter/paramedic. With Joe's retirement on the horizon Anthony decided to re-enter the business as his father's counterpart.  Anthony enjoys spending time with his wife, dog, and two young children. He also enjoys playing guitar and spending time with family outside of work.


Chad Oatley

Shop foreman 

Chad has been with the company for 9 years and is one of Doc’s power players when it comes to service. Also starting as an apprentice, Chad worked hard directly under Joe and acquired a skillset that is unmatched to this day. As a master technician, Chad bridges operations with the techs and manager to provide an exceptional customer service experience for all our clients. Chad and his wife just had their first baby in February 2023. He enjoys spending time with his family and his two dogs. Chad has a passion for his ford trucks and is capable of taking on some of our most challenging projects.    


Thaer Albadri

Service Manager

Thaer started with Doc's in 2021 as a technician. As time moved on and the service counter became more busy, an opening appeared up front as a service advisor. Thaer's skillset allowed him to take his time and experience as a technician and move it into helping our customers directly and professionally. After about a year of working as an advisor Thaer was moved into a service manager position where he now runs operations and customer service in conjunction with Chad. Thaer enjoys  spending time with his girlfriend and cat, tinkering with his truck, and some occasional after work video gaming


Sydney Wood


Sydney has been with Doc’s Auto since 2019. Sydney has been working on cars since he was 14 years old and has carried his passion to the professional world. Starting as a trainee, Sydney built his skill set and became proficient in brakes and suspension work. Syd's energy and humor keep what could be a high stress environment light and positive. Sydney enjoys listening to music, going to motor sports events, racing RC trucks, and being with friends and family during his time off.


Boyd Cook


Boyd is a technician that has been with us since April of 2023. During his time with us Boyd has excelled in his coursework and moved from an apprentice level tech to a B-level technician in a short amount of time. Boyd grew up around tinkering with engines and cars with his father at a young age. Boyd keeps all the guys on their toes while he is in the shop and does well here. He enjoys riding motorcycles, spending time with his friends and girlfriend, and wants to become a gunsmith one day. 

Jon Clark



Jon is one of our technicians and has been with us since May of 2023. Jon also excelled in his coursework and apprenticeship at Doc's. Jon served in the USMC 4 years active duty as a technician in the motor pool. He was honorably discharged and found a home with us here at Doc's and we are glad to have him on board. Jon keeps the smiles on everyone around him throughout the day. He enjoys spending time with his friends and girlfriend, rap music, firearms, and gaming. 

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